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Frontier Club Yosemite Summer Camp
August 10-13, 2024

We're setting up summer camp with Brothers & families amongst the Giant Sequoias of Yosemite National Park where hikes, cookouts and late-night stories will be at the tips of the mountain range.

Where Are We Going?

Located in Northern California, there is only one Yosemite National Park.

With almost 1,000,000 acres of protected land, the park features granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, giant sequoia groves, lakes, mountains, and an abundance of wildlife species:


Where Are We Staying?

We're setting up camp (it's glamping) in the heart of Yosemite alongside the Merced River. Brothers & families will be sleeping under the stars in Housekeeping's three-sided concrete structures with canvas roofs and privacy curtains.


With sandy beaches, views of Yosemite Falls and Half Dome, covered patios, and nearby fire pits, Brother Ryan Lazarus has picked one of the top spots for us to be completely immersed in Yosemite's expansive outdoors:


What Are We Doing?

Our local Brothers are guiding us on epic hikes each day, we're having massive cookouts, and there will be lots of camp games. There will also be plenty of time for relaxing & soaking in the Yosemite surroundings. Here is a preview of our schedule:


  • Arrivals

  • Camp Setup

  • Camp Activities

  • Group Dinner Cookout


  • Morning Hike

  • Group Breakfast

  • Day Hike

  • Camp Games

  • Group Dinner Cookout


  • Morning Yoga

  • Group Breakfast

  • Day Hike

  • Camp Games

  • Dinner in Curry Village


  • Morning Stretching

  • Group Breakfast

  • Optional Departure Day

  • Optional Activities

  • Dinner in Town


Frontier Club Summer Camp

Our Yosemite Summer Camp weekend is ideal for Brothers & families looking to bond with fellow Frontier Club families. Partners & kids are welcome to join in all group meals and activities.​​

You can expect a mix of a classic camping experience with a Frontier Club twist: morning exercises, healthy food options, exploring the surrounding wilderness, playing capture the flag, roasting marshmallows, watching outdoor movies, and more.


Whether you are showing up with or without family members, we encourage all Brothers to attend and help create the Summer Camp weekend we always wished we had growing up.


Who's Going To Be There?

This weekend is a great opportunity for building new Brother-connections and solidifying those existing. With wide-ranges of backgrounds, industry expertise and overlapping life experiences, connecting with your Brothers is always like catching up with an old friend.


Please note: there’s a limit of 18 reservations.

Below are some of your Brothers who have already confirmed…

Ryder Sloat

Ryder Sloat

Brian David Crane

Brian David Crane

Itamar Marani.jpg

Itamar Marani

Keir Weimer

Keir Weimer

Jason Briscoe.jpg

Jason Briscoe

View All Confirmed

Trip Details & FAQs

What are the dates?

We check-in to our campsites at 4pm on Saturday, August 10th. You can check-out on Tuesday, August 13th at 11am (or you can extend your check-out to Wednesday, August 14th or Thursday, August 15th when you register).

How do we get there?

Brothers outside of California will be flying into Oakland, Sacramento or San Francisco airports. Rent your own car or share a car with other brothers and families (you will be added to a WhatsApp group to coordinate once you register).

What do we need to bring?

A full packing list (including items mentioned here) will be sent out 1-2 months before our Summer Camp begins. In the meantime, see these FAQs.

What are the sleeping & bathroom arrangements?

You will have a glamping setup (three-sided concrete structures with canvas roofs and privacy curtains). Units feature a bunk bed, a double bed, table, chairs, mirror, electrical lights and outlets. You can rent Bed Packs for $15 which includes two blankets, two sheets and two pillows. Otherwise bring a sleeping bag + your own pillow.


You will have access to communal bathrooms & showers. Bring appropriate toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.).

What are we doing for food & beverage?

We'll have 3x breakfasts (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) and 2x dinners at camp (Saturday & Monday). All lunches will be on you (we’ll send store and restaurant recommendations ahead of time). Bring any beverages you want to consume. Be prepared to pack your own lunch, snacks, and beverages for our daily hikes & activities. You will be able to fill up water bottles / jugs on-site. You will want to have your own (bear-resistant) cooler for your own provisions.

What’s included?
  • Your own campsite for 3x nights with the option to extend 2x nights (shared or full)

  • Group meals: 3x breakfasts and 2x dinners at camp (see above)

  • Activities such as hiking, yoga, corn hole, other games, and more

  • Sharing a Summer Camp experience in Yosemite with your Frontier family

What are we doing?

Our Summer Camp weekend will feature outdoor games, hikes, swimming, and lots of time chilling with each other at our camp. We will have lots of families in attendance so there will be an abundance of socializing, laughs, and campfires (pending no fire bans).

What ages of kids are welcome to join?

Most of our activities will be friendly for kids 6 years and older. That said, there will still be options for kids under 6 years old. We’re in the outdoors so there’s a wide variety of activities and exploring available for every age.

Can I cancel?

We’ve signed agreements and put down deposits that are non-refundable, so cancellations will not be accepted. You can offer to resell your spot in the Frontier Club WhatsApp group or we can attempt to resell it for a 10% admin fee.

You Need to Confirm Now!

Register for the Frontier Club Yosemite Summer Camp right now by clicking “Yes. I’m in!” below and sending us your payment so we can book you in.

Tier 1: $795 / $1490 (until June 30th)

Tier 2: $995 / $1690 (until July 31st)

Tier 2: $1195 / $1890 (until Sold Out)

Please Note: there are very limited spots for this mastermind which means our 18 spots will go fast. UPDATE: only 3 spots remaining.

If you dilly-dally, there will NOT be a room for you and you will miss out on a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity of building connections, going on unique adventures and experiencing a ton of growth.

So, are you going to join your Brothers on this trip?

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