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Frontier Club Sailing Mastermind 
July 21-25, 2023

Get onboard & man a 120-foot sailboat with your Brothers as we cruise through hundreds of Atlantic islands off the coast of Maine for the ultimate oceanic getaway.

Why Should You Attend?

Our previous Frontier Club Sailing Mastermind should make it clear:


Where Are We Going?

We’ll be navigating through the +700 islands along the Midcoast of Maine as we soak up an abundance of wildlife and nature on the Atlantic Ocean:


What Are We Doing?

We’re going full manual and learning how to sail a 130-foot schooner that has been moving cargo since 1880. Our seasoned crew will be intimately training us on all things seamanship: sails, knots, rigs, tacks, jibes and more!


We’ll set sail for approx 4-5 hours per day, explore islands, swim, hike, build bonfires, feast on local cuisine, and wake up to epic surroundings:


Mastermind Circle

Our Mastermind portions of the weekend is your opportunity to give & receive feedback, perspective and support from your Brothers on a pressing roadblock, a big decision, an intimidating challenge or even just a crazy idea.

Brothers experience tremendous growth from our circles - and the conversations that follow - because of our honest and open environment, and the strict confidentiality that comes along with it.


Who's Going To Be There?

This weekend is a great opportunity for building new Brother-connections and solidifying those existing. With wide-ranges of backgrounds, industry expertise and overlapping life experiences, connecting with your Brothers is always like catching up with an old friend.


Please note: there’s a limit of 18 spots.

Below are some of your Brothers who have already confirmed…

Dan Clark

Dan Clark

Brett Allcorn

Brett Allcorn

Keir Weimer

Keir Weimer

John Wang

John Wang

John Lyle

John Lyle

View All Confirmed

Trip Details & FAQs

What are the dates?

We board the ship Friday, July 21st at 5pm and return to shore on Tuesday, July 25th at 12pm.

How do I get there?

We recommend flying into Knox County Regional Airport (RKD). You can fly Cape Air from BOS airport. From there, it’s a 10 minute drive to Windjammer Wharf in Rockland, ME.

What’s included?
  • Hands-on sailing instruction from our private crew

  • 4-full days of sailing off the coast of Maine & all activities in-between

  • 4x nights lodging on our 120-foot schooner (see bunk type options below)

  • 3x dinners, 3x lunches and 4x breakfasts

  • Onboard chef who will be preparing all meals & snacks while out at sea

Guide tips are included in your registration so you don’t need to bring any additional cash.

What do I need to bring?

There’ll be a comprehensive list of packing items closer to the weekend. Expect to bring layers, windbreaker, swimsuits, sunscreen, etc.

Can I cancel?

We’ve signed agreements and put down deposits that are non-refundable, so cancellations will not be accepted. You can resell your spot in The Frontier Club Offers Facebook group or we can attempt to resell it for a 10% admin fee.

You Need to Confirm Now!

Register for the Frontier Club Sailing Mastermind right now by clicking “Yes. I’m in!” below and sending us your payment so we can book you in.


Tier 1: $1995 (until March 31st)

Tier 2: $2195 (until Sold Out)

Please Note: our previous sailing mastermind sold out which means that our 18 spots will go FAST. Update: only 3 spots remaining.

If you dilly-dally, there will NOT be a room for you and you will miss out on a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity of building connections, going on unique adventures and experiencing a ton of growth.

So, are you going to join your Brothers on this trip?

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